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Gala Dark Ann®

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Malus domestica Gala Dark Ann®Gala Dark Ann®

The Gala Dark Ann® apples color early, so that the harvest can take place at the right time of ripeness. Depending on productivity, the Gala Dark Ann® can be picked in two times.

Characteristics Gala Dark Ann®.

Mutant of

The Dark Ann® is a mutation of Gala.


Kaufmann (2007), South-Tyrol, Italy. The grafting and/or wood for oculation comes from the Vermeerderingstuinen in Horst, Netherlands.


The growth of the Gala Dark Ann® tree is average and therefore easy to manage in the orchard.


Gala Dark Ann® blooms at approximately the same time as Golden delicious. Suitable pollinators are Golden delicious Reinders®, Granny Smith, Idared, Professor Sprenger and Evereste. Little sensitive to night frost.


The Gala Dark Ann® ripens two to four days earlier than other Gala mutants. Productivity is comparable to Gala.

Harvest time

From end of August.


A striking feature of the Gala Dark Ann® apples is the attractive, non-uniform, intense dark red color. Sometimes lightly striped. The size of the apples is comparable to standard Gala.


The flesh of the Dark Ann® is juicy. The taste is what a Gala should taste like.


Storage is possible until February. Under ULO conditions, longer storage is an option. Similar to other Gala mutants.


Good coloring Gala mutant.

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