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Fruit trees

Please see our range of fruit trees below. Fruitboomkwekerij Morren grows trees according to the latest standards in the sector or customer-specific, and is therefore specialized in various tree shapes, such as the ‘knip’ tree (‘knipboom’) and the ‘grow through+’ (‘doorgroei+’) tree. The Malus domestica apple trees are usually grown on M9 rootstocks. However, it is of course possible to deviate from this on request. Fruit tree nursery Morren usually grows the Pyrus communis pear trees on quince MC, quince Adams or quince Eline (Q-Eline®) rootstock.

Is your desired breed or mutant not listed? Please feel free to contact us to see what the current possibilities are.

Malus domesticaApple varieties

Pyrus communisPear varieties

MalusApple pollinators

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