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Malus domestica B9B9 rootstock

The Malus domestica Budagovski 9 (B9 or Bud 9) rootstock is a rootstock which originally origins from Russia. The B9 rootstock is considered more winter hardy and less drought sensitive than the M9 rootstock. This makes the B9 rootstock suitable for colder regions. 

In terms of vigor, the B9 rootstocks has a growth strength around 45% compared to a seedling. The Bud 9 is slightly stronger than the M9 rootstock. A distinctive characteristic of the B9 are the red leaves (see picture). In the table below you will see the vigor or growth strength of the B9 compared to other rootstock types and the seedling.

The rootstocks are usually graded in size categories (in mm) 4/6, 6/8, 8/10, 10/12 and 12+. On client request we can do specific grading, for example 8/12. 

Healthy and certified plant materialBudagovski 9 rootstocks

Vigor of B9 rootstock compared to the vigor of a seedling. The vigor of the B9 rootstock mostly compared to the M9 T337, however in reality the B9 is slightly more vigorous than M9 T337.

M9 T33740%
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