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Quality fruit trees

Your foundation for top fruit and the best way to a succesful orchard. The best start in fruit production!


A reliable base with healthy and certified plants. That's important to us!

Top grower from the Netherlands!We grow high quality fruit trees

Welcome to the website of Fruitboomkwekerij Morren, located in Elburg. With over 30 years of experience, we grow high quality fruit trees for fruit growers domestically and abroad. We are thé specialist in cultivating fruit trees.

We are focused on the production of ‘knip’-trees and ‘grown through’ trees for apple, some pear varieties and rootstocks. Our main strategy is the focus towards quality rather than quantity, with a high degree of customer orientation. Based on your preferences, we will grow and pack our fruit trees and rootstocks. You make the best strat in fruit production with our fruit trees!

As base material for the growth of high quality fruit trees, we use rootstocks from our own mother gardens. The fruit tree nursery contains stoolbeds for the growing of Malus M9, B9, MM106, M27 and etc.

We would like to invite you to visit and experience our fruit tree nursery.

Fruit tree cultivationConsistent quality

Each product from mother nature has associated challenges. During the growth and cultivation, we strive to an nursery which is as much as possible consistent in uniformity. After digging out, the trees go through a critical grading process, allowing us to deliver a uniform batch of fruit trees to you as a fruit grower.

grading process
The foundation
for quality fruits

Rootstock cultivationReliable base material

The rootstocks we use for our fruit trees, come from our own rootstock nursery. In addition, the biggest part of our rootstocks will find their way to clients around the globe.

Reliable starting material, grown with virus-free base material

Indepently ELITE certified by Naktuinbouw

Healthy plants with sufficient and matured rooting system

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Your best start in fruit production!

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Do you want to know more about our fruit trees or rootstocks? Please feel to contact us.

Diepesteeg 1-A
8081 PD Elburg
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