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Granny Smith

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Granny Smith
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Are you looking for Dutch grown Granny Smith trees for your new orchard? Feel free to inform about the possibilities.

Malus domestica Granny SmithGranny Smith

The Granny Smith is originally from Australia. The apple is characterized by its green-yellow color, sometimes with a pinkish blush. The green Granny Smith apple has firm flesh and is very juicy. Malus domestica Granny Smith apple trees are widely used as a pollinator in the orchard.

Mutant of The Granny Smith is the result of a suspected cross between the Malus sylvestris and a native species.
Origin Australia, about 1860.
Growth Very strong. At full production, growth decreases to a normal level.
Flowering Granny Smith blooms in mid-season with good quality pollen. The Granny Smith is often used as a pollinator in orchards.
Production Average to high.
Harvest time Granny Smith apples can be picked from the first half of October.
Appearance The Granny Smith is commonly known as the green apple; sometimes with a pinkish blush (under good color conditions). Highly visible lenticels.
Quality The taste tends towards the sour. The sweet-sour taste balance is formed during storage. The apple has firm white-green flesh and is very juicy.
Storage At 0 oC to 2 oC the apple can be stored for 90 to 120 days, in ULO for more than 200 days. In addition, the Granny Smith has a good shelf life.
Remarks Granny Smith is a firm, juicy apple that stores well.
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