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Fuji KIKU® Fubrax

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Fuji KIKU® Fubrax
Healthy and certified Fuji KIKU® Fubrax trees

Looking for Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(s) trees from Dutch tree nursery? Please do not hesitate to contact us about availability.

Malus domestica Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(s)Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(s)

The Malus domestica Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(s) is a mutant of the Fuji KIKU® 8 Brak(s). Compared to the Fuji KIKU® 8 Brak(s), the Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(s) has a much better coloration. Originally the Fubrax has been introduced in Italy and is managed by KIKU® GmbH.

Characteristics Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(s).

Mutant of

The Fuji KIKU® Fubrax is a mutant of the Fuji KIKU® 8 Brak(s).


Introduced during the 2006-2007 season by KIKU® GmbH, South-Tyrol, Italy.


The Fuji Fubrax(s) is a strong grower with nice, sturdy branches.


The Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(s) blooms quite late and can withstand frost well. Good pollinators include Gala (SchniCo, Fengal), Golden delicious Reinders®, Granny Smith, Elstar (Elrosa, Excellent Star) or pollinator varieties.


The Fuji KIKU® Fubrax is coming into production quickly. The yields of the Fubrax are good to excellent. Can be sensitive to seasonal alternance after a good harvest.

Harvest time

Picking time for Fuji Fubrax starts from mid-October.


The apples of the Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(s) are striped ruby red. A vibrant coloring over 85% of the fruit surface. Medium to large fruits.


The flesh of the Fuji Fubrax apples is fine and crispy. The taste is sweet, little sour.


The fruit of the Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(s) can be stored well until March. Storage until June is possible under ULO conditions.


Good production and good size.

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