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Gala Schniga® SchniCo(s)

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Gala Schniga® SchniCo(s)
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Looking for Gala Schniga® SchniCo(s) fruit trees grown in the Netherlands? Then you have found the right tree grower.

Malus domestica Gala SchniCoGala Schniga® SchniCo(s)

The Gala Schniga® SchniCo(s) has its origins in Italy. The Gala Schnico is a bud mutant of the Gala Schniga® Schnitzer. Although the SchniCo colors relatively late, the Gala SchniCo has a dark color with sometimes a lighter blush. However, the Gala SchniCo(s) does show the characteristic Gala stripes.

Are you looking for good quality Gala Schniga® SchniCo(s) fruit trees from a Dutch fruit tree grower? Please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibilities.

Mutant of

Mutant of the Gala Schniga® Schnitzer.


Schniga GmbH, South Tyrol, Italy.


Average growth and therefore easy to manage.


Mid to late flowering. Good pollen quality. Golden delicious Reinders®, Granny Smith or Malus pollinators can be used as pollinators.


The Gala SchniCo has an early and good apple production.

Harvest time

Depending on location (climate), the SchniCo can be picked at the end of August.


Attractive intense dark red Gala apples. The color covers almost the entire peel. The apples of the Gala Schniga® SchniCo(s) have an elongated, medium-sized shape.


Excellent taste. The SchniCo is a juicy, crispy, hard apple with yellow-white flesh.


The apples can be stored well until mid-March.


A firm apple with a good sugar level.

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