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Gala Venus ‘fengal'(s) A

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Gala Venus Fengal A
Healthy and certified Gala Venus ‘fengal'(s) A trees.

Are you looking for strong and healthy trees from a Dutch tree nursery for your new Gala ‘fengal’ orchard?

Malus domestica Gala Venus fengalGala Venus 'fengal'(s) A

The Gala Venus ‘fengal'(s) A is a Gala mutant, developed by Feno® GmbH in Italy. The apples from the Gala Fengal are average sized with a beautiful smooth skin. The characteristic Gala stripes are clearly visible on the intense red colored apple.

Characteristics Gala Venus ‘fengal'(s) A

Mutant of The Gala ‘fengal’ is a Gala mutant.
Origin Feno® Ltd., Italy.
Growth The Gala Venus ‘fengal’ is a weak to average grower. This makes the tree easy to manage in the orchard.
Flowering Venus ‘fengal’ A blooms mid to late. Gala mutants generally have good pollen quality. Cross-pollination is desirable, for example through Granny Smith.
Production The Gala Venus ‘fengal’ A has an ealry and good production.
Harvest time The picking period for ‘fengal’ start end of August.
Appearance The apples of the Gala Venus ‘fengal'(s) A color vibrant and intense red. The ‘overcolour’ covers an average of 80% of the fruit surface. The characteristic Gala stripes are clearly visible on the Gala Venus ‘fengal’ A
Quality The Gala Venus ‘fengal'(s) A shows good stability. The crispy apples taste sweet with good aromas and are deliciously juicy.
Storage The apples can be stored well until March. Similar to other Gala mutants.
Remarks Gala Venus ‘fengal'(s) A is a true, typical Gala mutant.
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