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‘Wiltons Star’ Red Jonaprince Select®

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Wiltons Star Red Jonaprince Select®
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Looking for ‘Wiltons Star’ Red Jonaprince Select® fruit trees grown in the Netherlands? Then you have found the right tree grower.

Malus domestica Jonagold 'Wiltons Star'‘Wiltons Star’ Red Jonaprince Select®

The ‘Wiltons Star’ Red Jonaprince Select®, also popularly known as Jonagold Red Prince, is a mutant and improved version of the Red Jonaprince. The fruits of the Red Jonaprince Select® color more evenly and intensively dark red, also in the base of the tree. Long storage until the end of July is possible under ULO conditions. The Red Jonaprince Select® is characterized by high production. This can be achieved with relatively little labour.

Mutant of

The Wiltons Star Red Jonaprince Select® is a mutant and improvement of the Wilton’s Red Jonaprince.


Found by the Princen brothers in Weert, Netherlands, in 1994.


The Red Jonaprince Select® grows quite strongly in the early years and then becomes calmer. The Red Prince has a beautiful horizontal branch implant.


The Wiltons Star Red Jonaprince blooms mid-season and belongs to the triploid varieties. Somewhat self-tolerant, but cross-pollination is desirable.


Production of this Jonagold mutant is early, regular and very good. The Wiltons Star Red Jonaprince Select® is not very sensitive to alternate or biennial bearing.

Harvest time

Picking time from third week/end of September. Due to the good coloring, the Red Jonaprince Select® can usually be picked in two times.


Fully red colored and large fruits. Between 70-90% are in the size class 75-85mm. Compared to the standard Red Jonaprince, the Red Jonaprince Select® provides better color throughout the entire tree.


The Red Jonaprince Select® apples have good hardness. Due to a good sweet-sour ratio, it is a tasty, juicy apple.


In ULO conditions, the Wiltons Star Red Jonaprince Select® can be stored until the end of August.


A good-colored deep red Jonagold. Very productive with a relatively low cost price.

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